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KMH Industry Experience

The real estate and construction industries are a major part of Hawaii’s economy and have played a significant role in the growth of our practice. Based on the combined experiences of our professionals, we believe that our Firm is well equipped to assist construction and real estate development enterprises in addressing their current and future business, accounting, financial and income tax reporting issues.

Professionals on our staff are well versed in all aspects of real estate development and construction. We understand the complexities of developing and monitoring budgets, managing job cost systems, the importance of providing accurate and timely financial information to banks and other stakeholders and the technical details of structuring investments and transactions.

Our tax and business advisory personnel have also been significantly involved in major tax consulting projects related to real estate and construction. Our professionals are well versed in all aspects of real estate tax law. We are committed to identifying opportunities that can minimize your tax liability with an acceptable level of risk. Tax planning should be an integral element of a real estate and construction strategy and, when implemented effectively, should contribute to improved cash flow, profitability and deal structuring. It requires the kind of broad experience, creativity and understanding that KMH can provide.
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In addition to providing external audit services to the largest credit union in the State of Hawaii, we also serve several large financial institutions through our Risk Management and Consulting practices. We have outsourced and co-sourced the internal audit function, as well as completed numerous projects for a large local bank over the past couple of years.
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Recent national and international geopolitical affairs have had a significant impact upon Hawaii’s fragile local economy. These events, combined with the inherent complexities and varied constituency of government organizations, poses a challenge to the best in Federal, State and County government leadership to find unique and sound organizational and policy solutions that not only mitigate the existing economic and social situations, but improve them as well. Amidst this environment, it is difficult to think of innovation, enhanced performance, and increased value. But the smart organizations are doing just that: using the downturn to turn up the volume on needed organizational changes, changes that will mean better customer service, enhanced productivity and lower costs. KMH LLP understands these needs and is committed to providing services in a manner that assists your organization both financially and operationally. We believe that by maximizing the value of our professional relationships with our clients, we build a solid foundation based on a concept of partnering. Our pledge of value delivers tangible and measurable results.

Providing the public sector with outstanding service requires an intricate understanding of the various levels of governmental environments. KMH LLP has the skills, resources, experience and commitment to assist the Federal, State and County agencies (and other governmental entities) in meeting the demanding requirements of today’s local environment. We are knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of important initiatives that government agencies have undertaken. KMH has participated in many of these projects such as the development and implementation of GASB 34; designing, developing and implementing performance based measurement systems; managed the development and implementation of strategies for process and organizational re-engineering; and designing and developing institution wide risk management assessment and mitigation plans.

We believe that the KMH staff has the governmental experience and skills needed to satisfy the critical success factors relating to a variety of public sector organizational efforts. By having this experiential knowledge, we understand the challenges faced by public sector organizations in accomplishing their missions, and are committed to helping them achieve their operational and organizational improvement goals. We are aware of your need for timely, responsive service and pay close attention to the unique circumstances and concerns of each individual organization and its people. We not only understand your mission and business needs, but also understand the organizational structure and management roles within the public sector.

The following is a partial listing of some of the governmental agencies that representatives from our practice have performed financial statement audits for in the past:

  • County of Kauai
  • Department of Water, County of Kauai
  • Board of Water Supply, City & County of Honolulu
  • Housing Community Development Corporation of Hawaii (HCDCH)
  • Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR)
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Department of Hawaiian Homelands

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Professionals from KMH have worked with hotels and hospitality related companies since the 1980s. As the principal driving industry of the Hawaiian economy, understanding of this industry remains critical to the ability to properly service our clients today. We have worked with virtually every major hotel owner on Oahu and on every island in Hawaii. We have served major hotel property owners in Hawaii during pre-development periods, construction periods and once the hotel commenced operations. We understand all facets of operations and the challenges that operators face in these uncertain times.

Over the years we have provided the following services:

  • Due diligence services
  • Purchase accounting and purchase price allocation
  • Cost segregation and valuation studies
  • Periodic operational and performance measurement surveys
  • Structuring transactions for tax purposes
  • Development of policies and procedures manuals
  • Assistance with feasibility studies

The foundation of our practice is firmly established in the hospitality industry. We are committed to remain focused and involved in this vital industry in the future.
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When we first started working with Hawaii insurance companies we realized that the opportunities in this growing industry were significant and as a result formed an industry team to coordinate delivery of our services. This insurance team provides continuity to our insurance clients resulting in more efficient and profitable audit engagements.

Also contributing to the growth of our insurance practice is our involvement with the Hawaii Insurance Division triennial statutory examinations. For the past five years, we have been exposed to a wide range of examinees that have provided our team first-hand knowledge of many of the insurance companies domiciled in Hawaii. In addition to broadening our background in insurance, the state examinations have helped ensure that we keep our insurance clients in compliance with the Hawaii Revised Statutes. Our focus is to improve our knowledge base so that we better serve our clients and grow our insurance practice in Hawaii.
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Other than the financial services industry in Hawaii, it is arguable that no other industries have experienced as much change as the retail and distribution industries. With the introduction of the first “Big Box” retailer in the late 1980s, the development of the Waikele Outlet Center and the "up scaling" of Ala Moana, other regional shopping centers and the Kalakaua shopping corridor, retail in Hawaii has been forever changed.

This change, however, has come at a price. Many local retailers who failed to maintain pace with the changes found themselves unable to compete. For the luckier ones, consolidation with larger stronger companies allowed some level of survival, but for those less fortunate, their names are now merely faded memories. Yet, for those companies that had the foresight and ability to respond to market challenges and transform themselves, the last few years have actually proven to be highly profitable. We are fortunate to have served and assisted many of these successful retailers through some very challenging times.

In response to the changes and challenges that the retail industry faced, we have provided, in addition to audit and tax compliance services, a wide range of other value-added services to our retail clients including:

  • Profit enhancement and cost containment programs
  • Merges & acquisition due diligence and purchase accounting
  • Cost segregation and valuation services
  • Private placements and initial public offerings
  • Selection and installation of information systems
  • Multi-state and local tax structuring
  • Corporate recovery services
  • Strategic planning

Our ability to successfully assist local retailers in addressing their business issues has also been enhanced by our deep understanding of the real estate industry. Often times real estate issues and not merchandizing or inventory control problems are the root of financial difficulties experienced by retailers and distributors. Our ability to understand the nuances of the real estate issues affecting our retail/distribution clients has been invaluable over the years. It is this valuable holistic perspective that comes from deep and broad experience that we bring to our clients.
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In Hawaii our utility practice was historically focused on providing service to smaller water and wastewater utilities. We have provided years of audit service to county level water utilities and have also participated in numerous rate cases for smaller private wastewater companies.
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