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Partners and Principals

Wilcox W. K. ChoyWilcox W. K. Choy
Wils is a Partner in Assurance & Advisory Services and also oversees the division. Prior to joining KMH, Wils was an Audit Partner in Grant Thornton LLP’s Honolulu office and served as their department head.

  • More than twenty years of experience in public accounting and auditing and is committed to providing the highest level of service, expertise and dedication to our clients.
  • Significant experience in the construction, real estate development and hospitality industries. In addition, he has also served clients in the financial services industry, health care, retail, non-profits and governmental agencies.
  • He specializes in working closely with entrepreneurs and assisting companies with expansion plans and addressing the challenges that accompany rapid growth.

Peter K. HanashiroPeter K. Hanashiro
Peter is a partner in KMH SolutionsSM and also a founding member of KMH LLP. Peter was named the 2005 Pacific Business News (PBN) “Young Business Leader of the Year” for his outstanding business leadership and commitment to the community.

  • Over twenty-five years of experience in providing accounting, advisory and consulting services to not-for-profit, financial services, healthcare, real estate, wholesale distribution, retail, government, utility and hospitality clients.
  • Extensive experience with the DOE and other state government agencies, both from the audit standpoint and from providing risk management, compliance and consulting services.
  • Oversight responsibility for the planning, execution and report preparation of over 50 Internal Audit projects over the past nine years. Specific projects included an Operational Review of the Research & Evaluation Division of a large private educational trust.
  • Engagement Partner assisting the ERS with computing pension benefit payments for up to 5,000 retirees in compliance with the ERS Pension Guidelines and State of Hawaii laws, where applicable.
  • Lead individual responsible for assisting a large healthcare group set-up their Corporate Compliance program. The project included developing numerous policies and procedures and training for the organization.
  • Relevant experience in providing services with respect to all aspects of the Internal Audit function, including leading the efforts in developing the Risk Assessment & Audit Plan.
  • Engagement Partner responsible for several SOX engagements including a significant SOX compliance project for a large public company in Hawaii. Helped the company with certain aspects of project management, with primary responsibility for the controls testing for the agribusiness and real estate divisions.

Ross R. MurakamiRoss R. Murakami
Ross is a Partner in KMH SolutionsSM and is one of the founding partners of KMH LLP. Ross has over twenty-five years of experience serving clients in a broad range of industries including real estate, construction, retail and wholesale distribution and insurance. In 2009, Ross was inducted into the Shidler College of Business Administration Hall of Honor, in recognition of his contributions to the community.

  • Over 25 years of experience providing audit, accounting and consulting services to organizations based in Hawaii, Pacific Basin and the West Coast.
  • Assisted government organizations with large-scale business and process improvement projects.
  • Experienced in providing litigation support services to organizations in Hawaii.
  • Participated in several public offerings of Hawaii-based companies.
  • Assisted a number of companies through court ordered or voluntary re-organization efforts.
  • Experienced in developing creative solutions to address business problems that have no “road map”.
  • Worked on a number of residential and commercial real estate developments, including economic feasibility assessments of several commercial real estate projects in Hawaii.

Alton I. OhiraAlton I. Ohira
Alton is a Partner in the Assurance & Advisory Services division. Prior to joining KMH in 2005, Alton was an assurance and consulting partner at KPMG. Alton brings over thirty years of experience in the insurance industry working on various property and casualty, life and captive insurance companies. Alton has also served many non-profit organizations in Hawaii.

  • Experience in providing accounting, advisory and consulting services to insurance and healthcare organizations.
  • Significant experience in the property and casualty, life and captive insurance industries serving as engagement partner on Hawaii Medical Service Association, Island Insurance, and First Insurance Co. of Hawaii, and over 40 captive insurance companies.
  • Experience with several premiere non-profit and healthcare organizations in Hawaii, including St. Francis Healthcare Systems, Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, Kuakini Medical Center, The Queen's Health Systems, etc.
  • Served as consulting partner on various consulting projects including financial feasibility projects, due diligence studies, analysis of client billing systems, and corporate reorganization studies.

Alan M. L. YeeAlan M. L. Yee
Alan is a Partner in our Tax Compliance & Business Advisory Services division and the Managing Director of our sister company, AATS LLC. Prior to joining KMH, Alan was the Office Managing Partner and tax department head of Grant Thornton LLP’s Honolulu office. Alan’s commitment to Hawaii’s small business industry was recognized when he was awarded the Small Business Administration’s National Accountant Advocate Award for 2002. Alan was also named one of National Academy of Public Accounting Professional’s (NAPAP) 2014 Top 10 Public Accounting Professionals for the State of Hawaii.

  • More than thirty years of experience providing tax and business advisory services to corporations, partnerships, non-profits, closely-held businesses and individuals.
  • Substantial experience in the areas of compensation and estate planning.
  • Alan has worked with a variety of clients representing Hawaii’s major industries, including real estate developers, contractors, financial institutions, retail and wholesale companies, brokers, non-profit organizations and personal service companies.

Deanna AwaDeanna C. Awa
Deanna is a Principal in our Tax Compliance & Business Advisory Services division. Prior to joining KMH, Deanna was a Manager in the Honolulu office of Arthur Andersen LLP.

  • Extensive experience in providing a variety of tax services to multi-location and private companies.
  • Developed tax alternatives for a complex group of C corporations and partnerships involved in liquidation.
  • Significant experience in the areas of corporate and flow through entities including S Corporations, partnerships and LLCs with an emphasis on real estate, hospitality and property management operations.
  • Deanna has worked closely with a variety of clients representing non-profits, individuals and closely held businesses.

Alan Matsui Alan Matsui
Alan Matsui is a Principal in the Assurance & Advisory Services division and chairperson of our Recruiting Committee. Alan has over twenty years of audit and general consulting experience which he gained as a previous CFO of a large insurance agency and as a Senior Manager at KPMG.

  • Directed all aspects of the Accounting and Information Technology functions for the largest local insurance agency.
  • Participated with Senior Management to develop and implement strategic objectives of the Company.
  • Designed and implemented various business process improvement initiatives.
  • Significant experience in providing assurance services to clients in various industries including insurance, healthcare and hospitality.

Jill MiuraJill Miura
Jill is a Principal in the Assurance & Advisory Services division and chairperson of our firm's Operating Committee. Jill has more than twenty years of experience serving clients primarily in the insurance and education industries.

  • Manages all aspects of financial audits including planning, resource management, financial reporting and formal communication with client management and boards of directors.
  • Private industry experience in providing management services to Hawaii captive insurance companies including, but not limited to, maintenance of the accounting records, preparation of the financial statements, regulatory compliance and coordination of all service providers involved with the individual captives.
  • Assisted a variety of companies in the formation of new captive insurance companies.