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KMH Consulting Solutions

CONSULTING SOLUTIONS – Organizations constantly face change. Market forces, competition, regulatory, technology and personnel are all drivers of change. Most organizations do not possess the depth and breadth of experience to handle wholesale changes. We provide the support to assist organizations in the identification, analysis, selection and implementation of solutions to address change.

Technological advances prove to be some of the most challenging adjustments that an organization faces. At KMH, while we do not sell software or hardware, we can assist organizations with virtually all aspects of technological change. Some of our consulting offerings in this area include:

Change can be difficult, we cannot eliminate the pain, but we can work to help minimize it.

KMH can help you improve organizational performance through effectively managing the changes experienced by your organization. We recognize that organizations experiencing rapid or sustained growth find that this growth can place considerable strain on resources. It is important to re-engineer or, in some cases, redefine strategic systems so that adaptation to growth can be maintained, thereby achieving an efficient organization that improves profitability. We believe that the adoption of new work practices, skills and values must be intelligently assimilated into your organization.

If this adaptation is not made, or not made properly, then systemic efficiencies and profitability will be compromised. Few companies are designed to rapidly adapt to change. KMH can help you reshape your business processes to ensure the continuing competitiveness and profitability of your company and assist in the management of change.
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Project Management is probably the most critical role throughout any project. The reason is mostly because a vast amount of coordination has to be accomplished between many competencies. Many projects do end successfully, while many others are outright disasters. However, usually projects end up in the mid-low end of the project success scale where it is common to complete a project but be over your deadline or over your budget. To keep your projects from ending up in this gray area (or in the failure range), you must avoid making the single biggest project management mistake: inadequate project definition and planning.

KMH can aid our clients in undertaking their project needs. We view project management as a critical role within a project that acts as the 'glue' in bringing different competencies together and coordinating the flow of information between them. Project success is ultimately determined by how well your project is managed. With a clearly defined project and a sound methodology in place, your ability to achieve a repeatable project success rate will be greatly enhanced, and thereby improve your project planning, implementation, control and close-out processes.
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Policies and procedures provide the invisible backbone of an organization by providing the means with which an organization moves and operates. Inefficient or outdated policies and procedures can adversely impact the fluidity with which an organization effectuates its goals and strategies. Moreover, as organizational growth occurs, this invisible structure of policies and procedures is often neglected. This neglect can eventually cause operational inefficiencies, thereby decreasing profitability.

Reassessment and redevelopment of policies and procedures is important to the viability of any business. Our KMH staff has the expertise to help you redevelop or create new policies and procedures for your organization.
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Strategic Planning is about intelligently determining an organization's path to success by taking into account the multitude of complex and challenging business issues while monitoring and tracking the organization's performance. The development of such vision and values, and the linkage to operations and processes are important actions that provide the foundation for any growing organization.

Growing companies need to continually revisit and recalibrate priorities that they can implement within the context of their business in order to operate efficiently and increase profitability. Linking strategy to performance and reviewing organizational performance is an important component. We can assist your organization in its efforts to be a competitive player in today’s market place.
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Our team of IT professionals can help assess the performance of your IT systems from various key perspectives: alignment with the business processes, expected performance, and the effectiveness of security and controls.

Our IT System Assessment Methodology requires that we take a snapshot of your current system’s profile and provide feedback to management with easy-to-understand information to help you make executive decisions. In most cases, this service is useful in providing an independent verification and validation of projects that are over-budget, delayed, or "troubled."

The key benefits of an IT system assessment are to save money and increase productivity by:

  • Providing a platform for understanding your IT environment well enough to define and prioritize a set of important projects;
  • Providing the framework for allocating critical development resources in a way that optimizes the firm’s strategic objectives; and
  • Enhancing system quality through independent verification and validation.

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Accurate and timely information is one of the most important company assets. An integrated financial system is the delivery mechanism that determines how efficiently and profitably a business will operate. Few organizations have the experience, knowledge and resources to select the right system without professional assistance. KMH Technology Solutions’ pragmatic and collaborative approach in implementing financial systems can help at all stages of a project, from business case planning, system selection, and system implementation to system optimization. Working along with your organization's management team and staff, KMH professionals will develop a comprehensive acquisition and deployment plan, along with associated budgets that reflect the goals and incorporate the management philosophy of your organization.

  • Requirements Definition - The key to accurate system selection is determining the appropriate business requirements to use in identifying new software. The challenge is to prioritize all the requirements and segregate just those that will serve as the basis for software comparison.
  • Software Evaluation - On the surface, many software packages can look essentially alike and there are often dozens of software packages from which to choose. It is important to move past the sales rhetoric and into detailed product demonstrations by reputable and stable software vendors. Our consultants know how to manage the product demos and prepare detail demo scripts in order for you to receive a close representation of how each product will function in your environment and address your requirements.
  • Software Contract Negotiation - Contracts for software, services and system hardware are both confusing and complex. It is important that companies fully protect themselves for the life of the new system by establishing agreements supportive of the company’s long term needs. Our experience with vendor strategies for licensing and support can protect your interests, maximize your buying power, lower your investment costs and save you from costly errors.

KMH is vendor-independent. We do not sell software or hardware, develop software, or represent any software providers. The products we consider during the selection process and the recommendations we provide are absolutely unbiased. Throughout the process, we are solely representing the interests of our Clients.
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